Singer-songwriter & Mercury Prize nominee Kathryn Williams & her band to perform LIVE at at the The Glee Club in ‪‎Cardiff‬ on 22nd September. Quick! Book your tickets NOW! Just follow the link…

Listen to the brand new, unreleased but sublime single from Kathryn Williams called ‘Heart Shaped Stone’ from the forthcoming album ‘Crown Electric.’ The single is due out early next month. More to follow. But in the meantime…


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It Happens Everyday

It happens everyday
Two lovers with the best intentions to stay
Together they decide to seperate
Just how it happens
neither is certain
But it happens everyday
It happens everyday
After you break up
You say these words to your friends:
“How could I have loved that boy?
He was so bad to me in the end”
Well, you make him a liar
turn him into a robber
Well, it happens everyday.
But I don’t regret that I loved you
How I loved you I will never forget
And in time I’ll look back and remember
The boy that I knew when we first met.
Still it happens everyday
Two lovers turn and twist their love into hate
But am I so different
From the ones you used to date?
You used to adore me
You used to adore me
Still it happens everyday

from Patty Griffin’s beautiful new album ‘American Kid’

Where Do You Go, Lhasa de Sela

Where do you go
When your tides get low
In the summer dress
Of your drunkenness

I go far from here
Where the silence sleeps
In the very deeps
Of the holy blue

And I dream of you
And I dream of you
Dream of you
Dream of you

What do you say
When the rotted day
Is around your feet
In the noisy street

And your eyes fall rain
From pain from pain
I say never again
Never again
Never again

Why do you wander
So light though falling
In the underwater calling

I skate like a bird
Drunk on a word
Almost in love
If I only knew

But the best will drive
Through me and you
Me and you
Me and you