Playlist: New music and a new beginning

I don’t usually ‘inflict’ my music tastes on anyone, but… Inspired in part by last months Black History Month UK & the persistent uncertain times we find ourselves in, New Beginning is my latest specially curated collection of music by a diverse array of artists. The playlist is available in 3 separate volumes, or as 1 bumper collection. The playlist is available on Apple Music here along with many other special collections. Enjoy!

‘Pale Green Ghosts (and other true stories) – The Very Best Of John Grant’ Cover Art

The cover art for this project is one of my favourites to date. As I said in a previous post, I prefer to design my own cover art for any iTunes playlists I put together – and I have tons – rather than the bog-standard collage thumbnail automatically generated by iTunes. Playlists are now the mix tapes of my 80’s former self – it feels a little nostalgic putting them together, despite traditional casssette tapes now being so obsolete. I’m also including my chosen track listing for this cover. The fonts used this time were Ababil Script for John’s name with the secondary font being Old Style Small Caps. Apologies for the watermarks – I hate them but they’re unfortunately necessary.

Cover Art for ‘Texas – The Platinum Collection’

I prefer to design my own covers for any playlists I put together in iTunes. This one is dedicated to the best songs recorded by the Scottish band ‘Texas.’ It’s a very simple design but I liked how the title came out, resembling a shoulder tattoo. The main title font used is called Normande Bold, with increased character spacing’ this has also been used by Texas for their last 2 releases. The secondary title logo uses the fonts Haymaker and Monthoers Vintage, with the star coming from Microbrew ornaments. 

A bank holiday Monday quote for you. Go make your own kind of music! Plenty more on the blog ( and if you have a quote you love, I’d love to hear it 🙂

‘Music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and that which cannot remain silent.’
— Victor Hugo