I made this too! I finally finished the second bracelet, with a slightly different design and configuration, but with the usual silver, mother of pearl and turquoise. They look better than they do in the photographs too.
Ps. I decided to call them Barnacle Bracelets! Any idea why? Answers on a postcard 🙂

Soriko: modern and vintage-inspired jewellery & accessories

Soriko is an eclectic mix of modern and vintage-inspired jewellery & accessories.

From the Soriko website:

“There is something personal, charming and really quite irresistable about handmade jewellery and this is at the heart of what Soriko is all about. Jewellery doesn’t have to be just about accessorizing an outfit – in fact I find jewellery can be a real pick-me-up (both the making and the wearing!) Jewellery can make you feel so many things: it can take you back to a childhood memory or make you hopeful of the future; it can make you feel sexy and confident and; it can make you smile and giggle with glee. With handmade jewellery you also get that little something extra: a piece that is unique, full of character and made with the utmost care.” For more, visit: