Viv la Paris, viv la France, viv la liberté, and together we stand with Paris.

Should this attack in Paris be the result of Muslim extremists, as it looks, they want people to react with hatred, bigotry and calls for retaliation. They want people to hate Muslims, to fear Muslims and anyone who looks like them. They want to drive a wedge between non-Muslims and the 1.6 billion peaceful Muslims who are our friends, neighbours, members of our family and colleagues. Terrorists want us to isolate our friends, and make them feel unwelcome and alone, make them feel attacked. They want to make them feel like the only ones they can turn to are the radicals.

Do not let them do this.

The Enlightenment poured the foundations for the Western world to embrace the principle of religious freedom, whether that god is Jehovah, Buddha, Ganesha, Allah or anyone else. We must embrace our Muslim brothers and sisters in arms, we must condemn those who would spit on them and drive them out in retaliation, we must protect the right to worship freely that they have by virtue of being a human being.

That is how we beat the terrorists. Not with bigotry and hatred, but by saying “those evil extremists are not you, and I will refuse to treat you like they want me to.”

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