Jo Cox MP was NOT to blame for her own murder, despite what The Daily Mail would have you believe.

What fresh hell is this?! The Daily Mail is tacitly blaming Jo Cox for her own murder, and painting her killer’s insane bigotry as at least part legitimate grievance. They didn’t even feature Jo Cox on the front page of today’s paper, unlike practically every other tabloid. Unfortunately, it might appear, many readers of the Mail didn’t jump aboard the evolution train, so many simply believe what they read, and without question. The thing is, major companies advertise in these ‘newspapers’ – if they were to pull advertising that they frankly do not need, perhaps the Mail might change its insidious rhetoric. It is the insidiousness of this hate that makes the Mail far more dangerous than any openly racist right wing site or publication. It’s poison for the soul; a slow acting poison that changes people over time – or confirms existing paranoia and fears of ‘the other’. As a LGBT community, we’ve been on the receiving end of vile but thinly veiled hate speech like this for as long as I can remember. It ashamed me when I was 16; it disgusts me now. The redundant tabloid adage stands that if you are a person of colour and a Muslim and kill people you’re a terrorist, but if you’re white you’re mentally unstable and somehow the crimes committed aren’t as serious. This is the Mail in its full glory, bordering on being nazi apologists. There’s a way to avoid this type of bile… Don’t read/buy the Daily (Detritus) Mail. Time to make a stand. But I somehow think that this won’t be enough; having her murderer, Thomas Mair, in prison for a whole-life tariff – never to be released – is a start.

H/T Andy Guy