Fragile as a spider’s web
Hanging in space
Between tall grasses

It is torn again and again
A passing dog
Or, simply the wind can do it

Several times a day
I gather myself together
And spin it again.

Spiders are patient weavers
They never give up

And who knows
What keeps them at it?

Hunger, no doubt,
And hope.

~ May Sarton

My friend Carla wrote something I relate to, and in such a beautiful, eloquent way:

“We all fear intimacy and yet crave it. It’s like a hot sun and we’re lizards.. leaning both in and then away, sun to shade. It’s a dance. Usually men lean away when in fear and women reach out to steady their own gait.. In the dance, one relies on the other. If the pursuer stops.. the distancer reaches out. It is with this same flickering that we connect with the universe. We all need a mix of sun and shade. Closeness and distance. The more we’ve been through, the harder it can be to allow the light in.. to trust the dance.”
~ Carla Siqueland

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