Yesterday, a week to the day Lucy died peacefully, my brother Paul brought Lucy home again for the last time after she was cremated at Summerleaze Pet Crematorium in Magor, Wales.

But Lucy was more than just a pet, more than just a dog, more than just an animal. At the age of just 1 (having already had a litter of pups), when I was just a boy, she was adopted from the RSPCA Rescue Shelter in Newport, came storming into our lives and gave us 21 very happy years of unconditional love and companionship. She had been a mother, was fun, faithful, loyal, gentle, tender, energetic, loving, beautiful, incredibly special and so much more to us. She loved everyone, and everyone loved Lucy. She had a good – a great – life, and although she lived to be 22 years old, loss is always hard to deal with, and we all miss her as a family / because she was one of the family. Even extended family and friends will miss our dear old friend. She is truly irreplaceable, never to be forgotten, loved & missed terribly.

We haven’t decided for certain yet, but we hope to intern Lucy’s ashes next to her old friend of 13 years, Bonny – the cat – a further testament to how sweet natured Lucy was. She will hopefully be placed under the spring flowers in the flower bed, and laid to rest in the garden, and we can say one last goodbye. Although she’s no longer with us physically, hopefully she will wait for us patiently until we too are ready to come home…


If you miss me as you live your life today,
Think of the glorious memories of yesterday,
Then look toward the northern sky,
Where at Rainbow Bridge we run, we play, we fly,
With other friends we wait for you there,
And until that day, we are the wind, ruffling your hair.

© 2014, Ryan Price
For Lucy, January 1992 – February 2014

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