The Shadow

Sometimes, as you walk along the blue of life, a shadow follows.
A shadow that’s there to give you what you need, and take what you don’t.
And as you walk, you enjoy the comfort the shadow brings,
But you don’t seem to realise why it’s there.
And sometimes, the shadow that follows, pushes and carries,
Forgets why it’s there too.

Know that I will always be that shadow,
And know that when you need me the most,
You can turn around and I will be there.

When I was young, I often dreamed of chasing rainbows and catching stars.
Then when the world turned ugly and hurtful,
I ran off to climb hills and trees,
So I could be closer to the stars I made my wishes upon.
But as I grew, I became disillusioned, and gave up on my childish hopes,
I stopped splashing in puddles and catching raindrops on my tongue.

Now though, finding you has brought it all back to me.
I know that those stars did hear my wishes,
And now I can dance with my shadow again,
Because I know that when the world turns ugly and hurtful again,
I can run to you and we can go and climb those trees together.

© Ryan Price, 2001, 2008, 2013.
All rights reserved.

Contra Omnia Discrimnia

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