Margaret Johnson

After the famous Pendle Witch trials of 1612, there was a second series of trials that took place in 1633.

Among the women charged with witchcraft was Margaret Johnson.

After lengthy inquisition, Margaret Johnson confessed to daemonic possession and acts of witchcraft. She wrote her own confession and was convicted at the Lancaster Castle. Having already executed many women at the Assizes of 1612, the witches of 1633 were sent to London for further investigation before being put to death. On examination by doctors, it was found that Margaret had convinced herself of her own guilt.

The enforced belief that she was, in fact, possessed by the devil had caused irrevocable psychological damage to Margaret. Although acquitted of witchcraft, she spent the rest of her days in Gaol with severe mental trauma.

This song is for Margaret Johnson.

Copyright © Oli Dickinson 2010 
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