Wrong Rooms ~ A Special Early Blog Update

Instead of the usual Sunday Story update of Wrong Rooms, I’ve published what’s happened so far already – a Friday treat for you. Here’s the link: http://www.uselessdesires.co.uk/wrong-rooms

Always follow @wrongrooms on Twitter for the story as it unfolds, usually several times a day.

The Sunday Story is what’s happened so far, published on my blog, in the correct order.

To follow the author of Wrong Rooms, visit www.twitter.com/uselessdesires or follow @uselessdesires on twitter.

~ Visit www.twitter.com/wrongrooms for the very latest on the story as it happens.

~ Visit www.uselessdesires.co.uk/wrong-rooms for the main weekly update, usually every Sunday.

~ Always get it first on Twitter www.twitter.com/wrongrooms

NB ~ This is not the final release, and is very much a daily work-in-progress project. As I write the each installment, you get to read it first, raw and unedited. As such, this free-style of writing in 140 characters of less may give rise to the odd typo, mistake or something! Please let me know of any errors by leaving a comment below or email ryan@uselessdesires.co.uk

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